Special Rules

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1. Coaching Clearances:

  1. All coaches must have BOTH criminal background clearance and child abuse clearance to help in any practice or game.
  2. All manager’s must have both clearances on file with league office by April
  3. It is the manager’s responsibility to turn in an initial list of all assistant coaches and other volunteers that will be interacting with the team either on the field or on the bench (i.e scorekeeper on bench) by April
  4. All assistants will be required to have clearances on file with league office by Opening Day in order to be on the
  5. It is the Managers responsibility to ensure that the staff meets all clearance

2. Duties of the Home Team:

  1. The infield should be dragged, a batter’s box lined, and the first and third baselines
  2. Bases should be secured in the appropriate
  3. Unless weather inhibiting, the field should be ready 25 minutes prior to game time so that each team can have 10 min for Infield
  4. Home team shall supply one new ball and one good used ball to the Home Plate
  5. Take collection and turn in to refreshment stand or lock box located in the main shed at the Pool and at Forge.

3. Duties of the Visiting

    1. Remove the bases and place in storage
    2. Drag / Rake the infield after the game
    3. Clean-up dugout areas and make sure all equipment is stored and shed is

4. Pre-Game: Warm-Ups (Field)

  1. Home team gets field for Infield from 5:35-5:45
  2. Visitors get field from 5:45-5:55
  3. If both teams cannot have 10 min to warm-up, NEITHER team shall take Infield warmups

5. Pre-Game: Warm-Ups (Batting Practice)

  1. Only Batting Cages will be used for Pre-Game Batting Practice (No BP on the field prior to a game)
  2. Home team gets Batting Cage from 5:45-6:00PM
  3. Visiting Team gets Batting Cages from 5:30-5:45
    1. A team arriving early may use the cages but must not impede on the allocated 15min slot noted above.

6. Game Start Times & Duration – Regular Season Games

  1. All games Mon – Friday will be scheduled for a 6PM start
    1. Exception: Friday games at the Pool Field may be scheduled for a 6PM and an 8PM
  2. Weekend games start times will vary based on field and time slots
  3. All games should start on time unless unforeseen circumstances arise (umpires late, field being worked on)
  4. Game Duration: There is NO time limit on any game played EXCEPT for double headers played at the Pool Field and any game during the weekday that uses lights at the pool
  5. Games on Mon-Thur at the Pool Field — no inning may start after 8:30PM.
  6. When games are scheduled at 6PM and 8PM at the pool field on Friday or Saturday Evening, the following will apply:
    1. A new inning may not begin after one hour and 45 minutes from the start time. No play may continue after two hours from the start time; in the event that a game is still in progress as of that time, regardless of the then-current score, the game shall be stopped and the score shall revert to the last fully completed
  7. LL Rule 4.11 & 4.12 shall govern all suspended games

7. Scorekeeper

  1. Each team must have a scorekeeper, but the Umpire will consider the Official Scorekeeper of the game to be the Home team’s
  2. A lineup must be submitted to the opposing coach prior to the game and should note any pitcher that is NOT eligible to pitch due to pitching
  3. At the conclusion of each game, it will be the HOME manager’s responsibility to login to the proper website and report the game scores within 24hrs of game

8. Pitch Count Reporting

  1. Each manager (or someone on the staff) is responsible for tracking pitch counts for both team’s
  2. Pitch Count forms are available on the website if
  3. The home team will be considered the official recorder of pitch counts
  4. After each inning, both teams should confer and verify that the pitch count numbers are accurate for both pitchers. If there is a discrepancy, it should be cleared up prior to the next inning
  5. After each game, both coaches should verify the pitchers that pitched and the pitch count for each pitcher. The home team’s manager will responsible for logging into the appropriate site and entering the pitchers and pitch count for each player that pitched in the game for both

9.  Crossover and Non-League Games

  1. Rule are based on home team rules and regulations

10. Make-up Games

  1. It is the duty of the managers involved in any rainout or cancellation to reschedule the game within 1 week of the cancellation
  2. Each team will receive a loss for all games played less than the number of scheduled



    1. The use of profanity is strictly
    2. Smoking and use of tobacco products in the dugouts or on the field of play is
    3. The use of physical force is
    4. Coaches are responsible for their players from the time they tell them to arrive until they are picked up after the practice/game.
    5. The use of unsportsmanlike language or any unsportsmanlike conduct will not be
    6. Coaches are reminded that they are role models for their players and should conduct themselves accordingly.
    7. Questioning an umpires’ call in a civil and proper manner is permitted; however, arguing with and/or badgering the umpire will be considered unsportsmanlike
    8. Sexual connotations by any member directed towards a player are strictly

2. Discipline

  1. Discipline of Officers, Managers, coaches and players may result if they are in violation of any part of these By
  2. Such discipline will be administered in accordance with By Laws Article IX, Section 2 and in accordance with the Coaches Agreement that is signed by every

3. Discipline of players by

  1. Discipline of players by Managers and coaches for various reasons may occur from time to
    1. Discipline may not be excessive or abusive, and it must be administered fairly and without prejudice.
    2. It is advisable to keep parents informed of all
    3. If the discipline is limited to taking laps, doing pushups, etc it will be administered by the Manager or coach. If the discipline is to include loss of playing time, such discipline must be discussed with and approved by a league officer before being administered and the parent must be notified.

PCBA SPECIAL Rule Exceptions to Standard Little League Rules

Rule 1.00: Objectives of the Game

Rule 1.08: Note 1: The only players who may have a bat in their hand are the current batter, and a single player in the on-deck circle.

Rule 1.10 Note 2: The traditional batting donut is permissible.

Rule 1.17: Catchers are required to wear an athletic supporter and cup in order to play the position.

Rule 2.00: Definition of Terms

Definition, Infield Fly: Note 2: There is no “infield fly” rule in the Minors. There is one in the Majors.

Rule 3.00: Game Preliminaries

Little League Rule 3.03: ALL players may re-enter the game. Continuous Batting order will be used for all PCBA League games in Minor and Major Divisions. All players must be scheduled to play half a game. This rule applies to all official games (i.e., 10 run rule games included). Managers are required to make substitutions in the third inning if the mercy rule is likely to be invoked.

Little League Rule 3.03: A “Courtesy runner” is permitted for the catcher only. To use a courtesy runner, there must be two (2) outs and the courtesy runner must either be a player not in the current lineup (nine player batting order) or the player who made last out (continuous batting order).

Little League Rule 3.05(a): The withdrawal of an eligible pitcher after that pitcher is announced, or after a warm-up pitch is delivered, but before that player has pitched a ball to a batter, shall not be considered a violation. Pitches delivered in games declared “Regulation Tie Games” or “Suspended Games” shall be charged against pitcher’s eligibility.

Little League Rule 3.09: Managers or coaches may warm up a pitcher at home plate or in the bullpen or elsewhere at any time. Use of catchers’ protective gear is optional for an adult coach or manager when warming up the pitcher.

Rule 4.00: Starting and Ending the Game 

Little League Rule 4.10(e): After four (4) full innings, or three and one half (3 ½) innings with the home team ahead, if a team is leading by ten (10) or more runs the game is official and the team leading is the winner. The teams can continue to play all six (6) innings to give the players more playing time, at the Manager’s discretion.

Little League Rule 4.16: Note: A team may play with as few as eight (8) players.

Rule 5.00: Putting The Ball In Play – Live Ball

Little League Rule 5.07: Minor league only – The side is retired when three (3) offensive players are legally put out, or when the offensive team scores five (5) runs. The sixth inning and beyond will be open with no run limits.

Rule 7.00: The Runner

Little League Rule 7.00: Base Stealing (MINORS ONLY)

  • No Stealing of ANY base in the Minors from Opening Day until April
  • Stealing of 2nd Base and 3rd Base ONLY from May 1st to end of season, including post season
  • A runner can only score on a continuous play resulting from a hit ball or a forced
  • When a player receives a walk, the player must stop at first base. The player cannot steal second base even if the ball has not been returned to the
  • Stealing of home is not permitted for any
  • Base runners shall not leave base until after the ball reaches the plate. Paragraph 7:13 of Official Little League Rules shall be used to determine the penalty to the runner when leaving base

Little League Rule 7.08 (a3): A runner has the right to advance to the next base unobstructed. However, a runner must also attempt to avoid any contact with a fielder who is obstructing the path to the next base, whether or not they are in possession of the ball. Coincidental contact with a fielder may occur during an attempt to avoid the fielder; however, deliberate direct contact with a fielder obstructing the base path will result in the runner being called out automatically.

This is an umpire’s judgment call and will not be subject to appeal.

Rule 8.00: The Pitcher

Little league Rule 8.05(a): If the pitcher stops in the middle of his pitch when a batter squares for a bunt, he will be given a warning the first time and the second time the batter will be awarded an illegal pitch. (NOTE: An illegal pitch increases the ball count but runners do not advance.)

Little league Rule 8.06(a):

A starting pitcher replaced on the mound by another player may return to the mound only once. A relief pitcher cannot return to the mound once he has been replaced. Three (3) trips to the mound in an inning and the pitcher must be taken off the mound and cannot return to the mound

for the rest of the game. (Note: The last sentence in this special rule negates the first if it’s the reason the starting pitcher was removed.)


Otherwise, the PCBA will adhere to the Little League rule book Official Regulations, Section VI Pitchers, for all other pitch count guidelines and restrictions. (For reference only, the current Little League rule is 1-20 pitches, 0 days rest; 21-35, 1 day rest; 36-50 pitches, 2 days rest; 51-65 pitches, 3 days rest; and 66 or more pitches, 4 days rest. The current daily maximum is 75 in the Minors and 85 in the Majors.)