Hershey Area Umpires (HAU)

In 2004, the Hershey Umpire Association was formed to help provide umpires for Hershey Baseball. Because of the lack of umpires, especially trained umpires, Craig Grimes (President) and Wayne Jewell (Assignor and trainer) at the time joined together to help provide Hershey with trained umpires for both their Little League and teenier 13yr & 14yr leagues. Though being started in Hershey the association has grown into the surrounding areas, of Palmyra, Lower Dauphin, and West Hanover, and has now officially changed it’s name to The Hershey Area Umpire Association.

It is the commitment of the Hershey Area Umpire Association to provide trained umpires for our surrounding communities and helping in the betterment of professional umpiring. For additional information, click here.