It is important to allow the kids to make decisions and mistakes, thereby Coaches should attempt to minimize the amount of In-game technical instruction. The yeller results in tentative players. There is an old baseball adage “Practices are for coaches, Games are for players”. The time for instruction is before the play by asking where the play is or when they come off the field in a non-embarrassing, private and constructive manner. No child likes being yelled at or yelled to, in front of friends. Rather, take the opportunity when they come off the field to ask him “Do you know what you did wrong?”


Coaches shall lead their teams in compliance with all League Rules, policies and procedures. Failure to do so, especially when a Coach deliberately or willfully breaks League Rules, will be subject to immediate disciplinary action.

Conduct Guidelines

  • The use of profanity is strictly forbidden.
  • Smoking and use of tobacco products in the dugouts or on the field of play is forbidden.
  • The use of physical force is forbidden.
  • Coaches are responsible for their players from the time they tell them to arrive until they are picked up after the practice/game.
  • The use of unsportsmanlike language or any unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.
  • Coaches are reminded that they are role models for their players and should conduct themselves accordingly.
  • Questioning an umpires’ call in a civil and proper manner is permitted; however, arguing with and/or badgering the umpire will be considered unsportsmanlike conduct.
  • Sexual connotations by any member directed towards a player are strictly forbidden.

Discipline Procedures

  • Discipline of Officers, Managers, coaches and players may result if they are in violation of any part of these By Laws.
  • Such discipline will be administered in accordance with By Laws Article IX, Section 2 and in accordance with the Coaches Agreement that is signed by every coach.
  • Discipline of players by coaches.
  • Discipline of players by Managers and coaches for various reasons may occur from time to time.
  • Discipline may not be excessive or abusive, and it must be administered fairly and without prejudice.
  • It is advisable to keep parents informed of all discipline.


If the discipline is limited to taking laps, doing pushups, etc it will be administered by the Manager or coach. If the discipline is to include loss of playing time, such discipline must be discussed with and approved by a league officer before being administered and the parent must be notified.