This section is to help coaches with practice drills and log pitch counts. Also, there are links for each coach to start the process of their required background checks.

Background Checks

All coaches, both head and assistant, officers, committee members, and volunteers in our league are required to have a Background Check performed. The application must be completed prior to coaching or volunteering and can be performed online (see link below). The document will be processed and then delivered to the Palmyra Civic Baseball Association (PCBA) board prior to coaching or volunteering. Copies are maintained by the league.

Background Check Application

Coaches Agreement

The Palmyra Civic Baseball Association (PCBA) ensures that our coaches continue to be positive role models for our communities’ youth. Therefore, the Association requires all coaches agree to and abide by the coaches conduct guidelines as detailed by the Coaches Agreement. Click the link below to view the guidelines.

Coaches Agreement


Palmyra Civic Baseball Association (PCBA) expects nothing but the best from our managers and coaches. Given the important role that these individuals play in the development and leadership of youth in the PCBA program, much care is used in the review, vetting, and selection of managers and coaches for PCBA teams. While not all inclusive, the league has these base expectations for all managers and coaches.

Managers and Coaches:

Pitch Count Form

In an effort to stem the alarming increase in elbow and shoulder injuries among young baseball pitchers, the Palmyra Civic Baseball Association (PCBA) has adopted to limit the number of pitches a pitcher can throw in a game and how much rest he must take between pitching appearances. In its continuing effort to protect the health and safety of youth pitchers, and to reflect the latest research on pitching injuries, PCBA has adopted the Little League standard pitching rules.

The pitch count limit for Minors is 75, while the Majors is set at 85 pitches per day. The table below sets the rest requirements based on the number of pitches thrown.

To help keep track of pitch counts, the league adopted the form below. Each scorekeeper will track pitch counts for all pitchers and notify both managers of those counts.

Number of Pitches in a Day Number of Calendar Days of Rest before Pitching Again
66 or more 4
51 to 65 3
36 to 50 2
21 to 35 1
1 to 20 No day of rest required

Pitch Count Form – PDF

Pitch Count Form – Excel