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In an effort to stem the alarming increase in elbow and shoulder injuries among young baseball pitchers, the Palmyra Civic Baseball Association (PCBA) has adopted to limit the number of pitches a pitcher can throw in a game and how much rest he must take between pitching appearances. In its continuing effort to protect the health and safety of youth pitchers, and to reflect the latest research on pitching injuries, PCBA has adopted the Little League standard pitching rules.

The pitch count limit for Minors is 75, while the Majors is set at 85 pitches per day. The table below sets the rest requirements based on the number of pitches thrown.

To help keep track of pitch counts, the league adopted the form below. Each scorekeeper will track pitch counts for all pitchers and notify both managers of those counts.

Number of Pitches in a Day Number of Calendar Days of Rest before Pitching Again
66 or more 4
51 to 65 3
36 to 50 2
21 to 35 1
1 to 20 No day of rest required

Pitch Count Form – PDF

Pitch Count Form – Excel